Just over two years ago I started this blog. My goal was to get one blog post a month to discuss whatever I wanted loosely related to the comedy world. The feedback and response I got were more then I expected.

But the past few months my enthusiasm for comedy has gone down and struggled to come up with posts. So I am going to put the blog on hiatus for now.  Going take the time to focus on getting my show ready for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

So here are so random bits I could never fit in one post. It’s like that episode of Black Mirror, “Black Museum”.

Just Drop The Mic.

A few years ago I was on the bill for a new comedy night. (I always try my best to get on the first show of any new comedy night. Because most don’t get past the first one.)

A fresh-faced act, called Keith, was on stage talking about the time he was head-butted. When he got to the point of the story where the head-butt happens, acting it out, Keith rammed his head full force into the microphone The crowd winced at this, it was the only reaction he got for his entire set.

Keith left a massive dent in the Microphone. I was talking to him later on and he mentions that he never booked for the same club twice.

I asked did he do the headbutt bit all time, he said yes. I said it might be due to damaging an expensive piece of equipment that might put people off booking you again.

He declined that as the reason and said it was down to “The Politics and Cliques” of comedy.  Keith had only been on the go for five months, it normally takes a least a few years for that level of cynicism.

The promoter of the year.

A wired guy called Kev set up a new night and in keeping what I said, I always try to get on the first one. Sadly this one was a bust and had to be pulled.

I was speaking to Kev after it. It’s hard putting on an event and having no one show up. It’s happened to me before. It’s like putting on a birthday party for yourself and no one shows up. That’s also happened to me.

Kev talked about having 1,000 flyers printed up for the gig. I told him not to worry about it and at least you made an effort. He then said, “What I am going to do with 1,000 flyers?”

I was confused. He then told me all the flyers for tonight show were still in his car, as he couldn’t be bothered to hand them out. I don’t know maybe he hoped someone would rob his car and just hand out the flyers as an act of kindness.

He then went about he didn’t do anything to promote it at all. He had this smug smile on his face like he was almost bragging it.

My anger got the best of me and looked him dead in the eye and said “It’s one thing to try and fail. But you wasted mine and all the other acts time and money tonight, just so you could get likes on Facebook and try to get yourself gigs off other people. You should be ashamed. You and all of the other time-wasters should be locked in a room in Connemara and be forced to listen to all you crap dead baby and Madeleine Mccann jokes for the rest of your shitty days.” Then I smacked him right in the jaw.

Of course, I didn’t say that. I mumbled something to myself and quietly left.

Hey, guys check my Twitter,@SlumberingJ For upcoming gigs.

From August 2-11 I be running an Irish Theme completion show as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Finnegans Wake bar from 8.45 pm.  Please check it out.