The Year in Review.



2017 The Lows:

The wave of sexual abuse stories that have come out about the comedy scene both in Ireland and abroad.

Louie CK allegations have been around for a while and he always denied them.
Only after a major newspaper publishes the story, he admits it and does the whole “I’m sorry, I’m going to rehab” stuff.  It’s about as sincere as a prostitute kiss.
I’m sure he’s plotting his comeback tour and writing a set about all of this.

In the past couple of weeks, Nemours stories have come about sexual assaults on the Irish comedy scene.  I totally understand the accusers keeping the names to themselves.
But I would like to know who they are to make sure not to work with scumbags like them.

Al Porter (Arguably the biggest name in Irish comedy and once poised to hit megastardom)  behavior had already cost him his connections in England. But being a bigger star here in Ireland he was able to get away with it for a bit longer. Finally, the truth came out (Thanks to some brave people going public) and now he is facing the consequences of his actions.

2017 The Highs:

Hitting the target of one blog post a month. Sometimes even two posts a month.

Seeing my partner in Bingo and Life getting to play two major comedy festival this year and move into headline slots. All because of her hard work and talent.

The nice feedback for the blog from the likes of Colm O’Regan, Seamus Stackpoole & Alan McElroy to name a few.

Thanks to all you have read and commented. Especially whoever suggested a better name for this blog would be: “Bitterness and spelling mistakes”.

Upcoming Gigs:

January 22: The Stand Comedy Club. Edinburgh, Scotland.

January 29: The Stand Comedy Club. Edinburgh, Scotland

February 05: Laughing Horse Competition. Savoury Tap, London.

February 28: Angle Comedy. Bill Murray Pub. London.

March 02: Sunflower Pub. Belfast.