I talked before about some of the competitions I have done over the years and with The Irish Comedian of the year kicking off again this September. I bitterly look back at some of the more doggier ones I was around for.

Just give us the fucking money:

A few years ago a comedian who got some T.V. expose, decided to use the bit of a buzz he had to open his own club.

He did the common thing of blowing his money on a well-known headliner for the first night and having nothing for the next week with the headliner being your Ma.

After 5 or 6 weeks the club decided to hold a competition out of nowhere.  It was a clear sign that the club was struggling.

It was a one night only comp where all 12 acts had to pay 10 euro to enter. With the winner getting 50 euro. I’m sure you can do the math. The club would keep 70 euro and hopefully get a full room. The club ended soon after that and the comedian had shaken down his compadres for a measly 70 euro.

I didn’t fall for that scam but I did for another. I entered a comp with a 5 euro “administration fee”. I was new to comedy at the time and thought this was a genuine thing.

It was done over four nights with 10 acts each night, making a nice 400 for the promoter and the winner got to play an unpaid slot at one of those crap “where not Electic picnic, but god do we want to be ” festivals in a field in some place like Dundalk.

A Face for Podcast.

A while back I went to London to do the Amused Moose New Act Competition.

My heat was on in the middle of the day. Which worked out great for me. As I flew in that morning and left that night avoiding hotel costs, having to take two days off work and acid attacks which are common in London.

The room was made up of thirty other acts. We all had 90 seconds each. It was an interesting experiment to cut your set down to that short of a time. I normally only do 90 seconds in the bedroom. (Boom Boom).

The person running the show was Hils Jago. Whos a bit like a cross between a mad person and an insane person. She discovered Jimmy Carr. If you didn’t know this she only said it fifty times as she was giving us the run down of the rules. It’s like a singer who a had one hit song who keeps mentioning it every ten seconds.

It was during this she told what she was looking for. The person who could be the next face of Channel Four. It was at this stage I realized my error. I mean those this look like the Face of Channel Four:


Upcoming Gigs:

September 5th. (MC)Camden Comedy, Anseo, 18 Camden Street Lower, Dublin. 
Start time 8.30 pm.

September 7th. (MC) Battle of the Axe, Templer Bar Dublin.
Start time 9.00 pm.

September 22nd. Gluten Free Comedy as part of Culture Night Belfast, Kelly’s Cellars, Bank Street, Belfast. Start time 8.00 pm.

September 23rd. Chex Le Fab Kids Comedy Show, Arthurs Quay, Limerick
Start time 2.00 pm.

September 23rd. Chex Le Fab Comedy Festival, Arthurs Quay, Limerick.
Start time 8.00 pm.

October 13th. (MC) Laugh out Louth Festival, McPhails Bar, Laurence Street, Drogheda.
Start time 8.00 pm.



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