Pro for Pro.


I recently responded to post on “Rent-A-Comic”. For those that don’t know “Rent-A-Comic” is a group on Facebook for Irish Comedians. Where people post slots for gigs, get mad at the lack of women on the Irish comedy scene and ad’s for half price sunglasses when the page gets hacked.

The post read “Looking for a headliner (20-30 minutes) for an upcoming charity gig. Sadly can’t pay, please pm.”

I know you what you’re going to say. “You shouldn’t do 20-30 minutes for no money and remake the Mummy with Tom Cruise .”

Your right of course. But I often don’t get to do 20 plus minutes, the gig was pretty close to where I live and knew the guy running it. His pretty new to comedy and didn’t want him to get lumbered with someone who would just say they could “Headline”.

Recently I was part of a gig, where the “Headliner” was a newer comedian. He had about 7 maybe 10 minutes. The rest was him trying out new stuff and reading things off his notepad. It was brutal as you can imagine.

The best one ever was the comedian who’s set was on his tablet. While on stage he was struggling to recall his set. He pulls out his tablet. It was in sleeping mode. He had to start it up, put in his password and had to scroll to find the section where his set was written. It took two minutes for all that but it felt like two hours. Worse of all it wasn’t even funny.

I messaged the promoter about the charity gig and the response I got was “Thanks for applying but looking to get someone with T.V. or Internet Credits.”

I’m sure you all thought the same thing I did. I bet you, Dara O Briain, will gladly come over for free to do the gig. Sure he might even mow the lawn for you while he’s at it.

The point I guess I’m trying to make you have to be realistic and professional when contacting people.  This works both ways of course.

When I was starting out a friend of mine e-mailed a comedian. The e-mail was really nice and asked him to do the gig for fifty euro.  My friend had no idea what people charged to do shows and even admitted this in the e-mail.

The response he got back was disgusting. The comedian tore into him. Going on about how dare he offered him such a low amount and went on about being a professional.
I would say being a “professional” would be responding like one. If I naively made a low offer to a painter for a job, I doubt he responds by smearing poo all over my house and saying “You wanted a brown color didn’t you?”.  Which would be a lie, who wants a brown color for their house?.

To sum it all up let’s quote Jesus Christ “Do to others as you would them to do to you.”
“Love they neighbor” & “Let’s get this party started.”

I’m off to London for a week. But on July 10 I’m in Manchester doing Beat the Frog.
Then in Dublin July 13 hosting the Battle of The Axe.

Check out the podcast I did with the comedy cast:



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