Getting Started. Part 1.


It’s been six years ago this Month that I started to do stand-up comedy. When I started I knew nothing about the comedy scene. I didn’t know about clubs, or how long “sets” where.  It was only thanks to doing a comedy workshop that I manage to do my first gig.

I googled the internet for any advice, especially on the Irish comedy scene. I only came across two pieces that dealt with the Irish circuit.

The first one being Gerry McBride blog, No Punchline.

He hasn’t updated it in years. But when I started it was still pretty new. I read the blog over and over again and when I finally got to meet Gerry (Who’s very nice) it felt like I knew him and had a million things I wanted to ask him but was too shy to say anything. I probably came across like a big loser freak. To be fair I come across like that to most people do.


The main point I took from it was how much driving I had ahead of me. I wish I bought a sat nav there and then. It might help me that time I was driving back from the north and went around the same section three times trying to find the way back home. Taking my journey time from three hours to back spasming inducing five-hour trip.

You can also see what an influence it’s is on this blog. Here is the link:

The other being stand up section.

It’s mostly crap and not much happens on it. It’s only good if you worship whichever American stand up is coming over this month and if you want a free ticket to the Lounge Lounge every now and again.

But there is one helpfully post by Robbie Bonham.  His rules for doing stand up. Written six years ago but still true today.
Here is the link:

Part 2 of this will be me sticking down my do’s & don’t.
I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m great. So here is a story about the time I was a big idiot.

Back when I started off doing comedy. I rarely got to spend much time in Dublin. I would finish my then job at five 0’clock.
Go home eat/shower/cry and then drive the hour and a half to the gig.
Rock/Die at the gig (Most times it’s somewhere in the middle) and then go home to be up early for work next day.

One time I had gig during a day off. I decided to enjoy it. I left for Dublin early. Was going to eat out, look around, go to one of those fancy Dublin Cinemas. (They put melted butter on the popcorn). I even parked my car in a car park. (I been known to park  twenty-thirty minutes walk from the gig to save on parking costs.)

I was hungry after my drive up. Went straight to Pizza hut to get the buffet and looked into my wallet to realize I left my bank card at home. I had only enough money on me to pay for the food and the parking charges. I left straight away and drove the hour and a half back to Offaly. I got to the toll. I had no money left. I had to explain it all to the toll booth attendant who seemed annoyed that I was taking him away from fiddling on his phone.
I had to give him my details and say I pay the amount later on.

I got back to Offaly, got my card and then straight into the now two and a half hour drive back to Dublin (traffic). After all that the gig was pulled due to no crowd.
Advice: Always make sure you have money with you (Sound like an Irish Mammy now…Don’t forget to keep your phone charged as well.) On the plus side, I never paid that toll. That’s 3 euro for me and 3, 756 euros to them.

As you can see by my other blog posts I have started many parts 1’s and never gotten around to Part 2 (It’s February, I think we can say part 2 of my 2016 round up not going to happen.)

Part 2 will come, If I don’t do it, you can call me out on Twitter @SlumberingJ

March 9th I will be MC’ing the legendary Battle of the Axe, in The Happeney Bridge, Dublin City Centre. Please come. I get a cut of the door and I like to eat food that week.


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