Highlights & Poorly dyed roots. Part One.


It’s the end of the year. I got to work nights & it’s Christmas. I’m banging out a year in review style post.

Best Gig:

Battle of The superheroes. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. August 2016:

Battle of The superheroes is a show where four stand up’s pick a superhero and fight over who is the best. I was up against Batman, Superman & Iron Man. I went with Nightwing. For those that don’t know, Nightwing is Dick Grayson. Batman former sidekick who got sick of dressing like a peado’s wet dream as Robin and then decide to dress in all black leather like a sex gimp.


The format was simple. We all had five minutes each to talk about why our hero was the best. Then a Q&A section with the crowd. Whoever the audience liked the most would win. I felt I had no chance with Nightwing and was really worried people won’t even know who he was.


Those poor kids. I spent most of my five minutes talking about how much Nightwing gets laid.

The guy representing Superman took himself out early as he was as boring as Superman Returns. Iron Man was out next. He said Tony Stark was just like Donald Trump. Great way to turn the crowd against you.

Next was Batman, represented by Doug. Who is a huge Batman fan. He has a Batman tattoo, changed his middle name to Wayne and had a Batman theme to his wedding.
Doug was very confident he was going to win. It came down between me and him in the Q&A section.

During the Q&A at times, Doug and I would become Batman & Nightwing and answer the questions as if we were them. Batman & Nightwing have a Father & Son type relationship. Things got strange as I attacked Doug for being a bad father (Throwing in my real life angry at my father in there). Doug was thrown off by my outburst and apologised for not being a better father. (If only this would happen in real life.) With that, I managed to win the battle for my superhero Nightwing. (Who doesn’t have any superpowers.)

I never won any comedy competitions and when I finally did it had nothing to do with my material but talking about what a sexy ass Dick Grayson has.



None of these people is me.


Worst Book Signing of the year:

The Stand Comedy Club. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2016

I managed to get tickets to Stewart Lee work in progress show at the Stand Comedy Club.
Last year I went to his work in progress show at the assembly rooms. It was huge room and was pretty far back but it was a wonderful show doing over an hour with no breaks. It was great seeing his process played out live as he went through the new stuff.

Being in The Stand a smaller room, I was even more excited seeing him work up close.
Stewart was also doing a signing for his new book “Content Provider” after the show.

It being a work in progress show there was a lot of stuff that didn’t work and it seems to really rattle Stewart. This was one of the first shows in his month-long run of working on new stuff for his nationwide tour in 2017. He would comment on how much it wasn’t working and went back to older stuff to close the show, which ended a bit early.

He came back to do the book signing at the exit of the club. He was clearly flustered by how the show went. When he asked my name, I said John, but he got it wrong. I have a very thick accent and was a bit nervous. I said it again but he still got it wrong. I said it again and he went (A bit annoyed):

“So it’s Jan? J A N? Right?”.

I just said yeah as it was getting awkward he clearly wanted to go home and cry.
Here is my signed copy of the book from one of my comedy hero’s:


Part 2 will have the bad stuff from 2016 you negative people.
Come talk to me on twitter @SlumberingJ as I’m lonely at Christmas time.

Here a clip of me doing stand up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIUMpinRGlY


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