Mr. Semi


On Tuesday the 18th of October I was in the semi-finals of “The Irish Comedian of the Year” Competition. I didn’t make it to the finals alas. But I thought I would write about one of the oddest competitions I was involved in.

It was called “Live Mics”. It was run by a guy called Micheal. He wanted to find the next big music star and set up a Competition with the winner getting ten grand worth of studio time and the support of Micheal’s”label” behind them. He didn’t want just music acts do he also wanted comedy acts to enter.

My friend, who was a comedian, entered it and was pushing me to do it. You had to sign up to the Live Mics website and link it to your Facebook page. Then encourage your “Friends” (there not really your friends) on Facebook to vote for you.

I’m sure right away you can see what a load of monkey shit that was.
The competition becomes pointless. It’s not based on how good you are but how many friends you got on Facebook and I’m never going to win that one.
(For the record 75 “Friends” on Facebook including my aunties and 25 followers on Twitter but mostly “sexy” girls in my area who just want to chat after I give them my credit card details.)

My friend was not only in the competition he was also MC-ing all the heats. The night my friend had his heat he asked me to host (Since it would be odd if he hosted then did a spot). I was more than happy to. I love MC-ing. It was also the first time I hosted a show with Music and Comedy.

I always found the shows I did that were a mix of  Music and Comedy ended badly and tonight was no different.

To began with there was no crowd. Four people that paid in and the other acts made up the rest of the crowd. This had been the attendance for most of the heats which were running Friday/Saturday  night for four weeks.

One problem was that there were no local acts on. These type of “Battle of the Bands” comp’s need local acts to bring a crowd. The acts were from all over the country.

Another problem was that each act was totally different and it was hard to see who the night was aimed at.

The night I hosted there a Britney Spears type singer, a rock band, a white Reggie group and some lads doing stand up.

If you know anybody who’s like 90’s pop music, a bunch of white lads doing “No woman, no cry” and an angry young student doing rape “jokes” just to be edgy this was the show for them.

I was asked by the acts who the judge was. There wasn’t any. I thought Micheal might have been the judge but since he spent the whole show running in and out of the room and on his phone he was about as legit a judge as Judge Rinder.

At the end of the night, I asked Micheal who the winner was and how the voting on social media played into it. He talked for about five minutes with no real answer and just left.

Out of the 8 heats that were done. No winner from the heats was every announced and the competition disappeared quickly after that.

I felt bad for the acts who had travelled a long way for nothing. I know what it is to travel for a bad gig. Hence the title of this blog.

So I’m going to declare a winner for the Live Mics competition:

The winner is The Irish Door’s tribute act “The Knobs”.

You can Follow me @SlumberingJ on twitter. With 8 days to go, I made my October deadline. See if I can make November deadline.

Here a clip of me doing stand up:


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