Back to Reality.


Hello, all genders.

By now you were supposed to be reading my day to day account of my nine days at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I got part 1 up and it received a positive response (thank you all so much) but sadly real life got in the way.

Two days after coming back from Edinburgh. I started two weeks of nights in work. For those don’t know I work as a Health care assistant in a nursing home.

My brain has been swizz cheese the past month and now it nearly October and Edinburgh seems so long ago that writing up my experiences seems somewhat pointless. You could argue it was pointless, to begin with, but I’m not listening to you.

I know there is a one-legged woman with ten kids who has to work 70 hours a day but still finds time to write her novel’s about a sexy nurse who’s a part-time detective:
“Nurse Jasmin in Nocturnal Medical Crimes.”

She is Laughing at me for not being able to write a blog while doing 60 hours a week and trying to have some sort of life.

To that women, I say: “yeah I need better time management skills, but don’t be a twat about it. Also, your books suck, but can you sign me a copy in case it takes off in a Twilight way. Cheers.”

From now on I’m aiming to do one of these posts about once a month. I know overkill right. Switching between my regular posts about adventures in comedy I did over the years and my attempt at writing my own one man show.

In 2014 after doing stand up for three years I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my own show, “The Making of Jonathan Sheehan.”.

The show was a failure on most levels. I wasn’t ready to do a full hour and hadn’t practised enough. It was a bunch of small club sets mauled into a long show held together by my good looks, which meant it didn’t hold at all.

I plan to start working on my show now and do it as much as I can next year (2017) with the goal of getting it good enough to take it to Edinburgh in 2018. The blog posts will act as a way of charting my progress and publicly shaming me into working on it.

See you in the space year October 2016.

(If I miss October update, feel free to tweet me @SlumberingJ on twitter.)




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