Edinburgh: What to see Part 3.


This is the end of my “what to see at the Edinburgh Fringe” guide.
But it’s not the end of me. This would be a very weird suicide note.
Hold onto your portable electronic reading device as we head once more into the grand canyon of comedy shows.


Laura Lexx: Tyrannosaurus Lexx.
Just the Tonic at The Mash House. 2.20pm. August 2-14 & 16-28.
Ticket Price: 5 pounds.

I saw Laura last year at one of the “best of” shows at the Stand comedy club. A ball of energy with  funny stories, especially about her upper-class mother.
She recently got internet fame for taking down a sexist heckler at a comedy night she was MC’ing. I had to do the same thing when I was the MC at my local comedy club. My father is still not talking to me.


Colum Tyrell: Hookers and Blow Show.
Just the Tonic at the Tron. 10.20 pm. August 4-14 & 16-28.
Ticket Price: 6 pounds.

Colum and I started Stand up comedy in Ireland around the same time. He found great success. He has appeared on Irish T.V. and played all the major Irish comedy festivals.
I went on to write a blog where I talk about his success. Colum moved to New York a while ago and this is his return show. I can only assume in the time his left he has only gotten better, the little bollox.


John Robertson: The Dark Room.
Underbelly, Cowgate Venue 61. 8.30 pm. August 4-27.
Ticket Price: 11 pounds.

John Roberston is the lunatic who you might have seen as a host on the now-canceled “Video Game Nation”. Which ranked alongside “Games Master” as one of the few good t.v. shows about video games.
“The Dark Room” is his brain child. A live action, text based choose your own adventure show. Where the audience decides what’s going to happen next. While John shouts at you for being rubbish at the game.


Adam Key: Fingering A Minor on the Piano. 6.40pm.
Pleasance Courtyard Veune 33. 6.40 pm.  August 3-9, 11-16, 18-23 & 25-29.
Ticket Price: 14 pounds.

Adam Key is best known as the Amateur Transplant front man. Go Youtube some of their songs and I’m sure it will make you want to go to see the show. If it doesn’t, at least you finally have a valid excuse as to why the word Amateur pops up on your search history.


The Irish Alternative: Completion show.
Venue:  The Laughing @ The Cellar Monkey. 1.15pm. August 4-17.
Ticket price: Free (Pay what you want at the end.)

Three sound lads (Cornelius O’Sullivan, Anthony Riordan & Roger O’Sullivan) come to Edinburgh to tell jokes & eat deep fried Mars bars. They say one in three comedians goes mad at Edinburgh. See which one of them cracks first.

You can catch my show in Edinburgh, Irish Championship Comedy, at The White Horse (Venue 296) 6.45 pm, August 4-28. I’m on with a good bunch of people way funnier than me.

I plan to see as many shows as I can while I’m in Edinburgh. Keep an eye on the blog for updates and reports. Or don’t, whatever it’s your life.

Any questions/comments hit me up on twitter @SlumberingJ



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