Edinburgh: What to see. Part 2.


Welcome back. A list of four shows to see out of the 7 billion that will be on in August at the Edinburgh Fringe. There is a slight Irish twist. (Since I’m Irish.) If you’re not happy about this please contact our president, Bono and he’ll sort you out with a free U2 cassette tape.


Brendon Burns & Colt Cabana: Do comedy and commentary to bad wrestling Matches!
Pleasance Dome. 10.45 pm. August 3-28.
Ticket Price: 10 pounds.

Brendon Burns is the Perrier Award winning Aussie comic who is a life long wrestling fan. He teamed up with Independent wrestler Colt Cabana, who is known for his comedy style wrestling and Podcast (The Art of Wrestling). Every night the two of them show the audience various clips of when things go wrong in wrestling and take the piss out of it. Each show has different clips so you can go to multiple times. It’s my favourite show on the fringe and look forward to it every year. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan you still can enjoy the chaos of this show.


Rory O’Hanlon: You are where you need to be.
Opium (Venue 96). 5.00pm. August 6-27.
Ticket Price: Free (Pay what you want at the end).

If you can’t tell by his name and ginger head Rory is indeed Irish. When I started stand-up five years ago, Rory was a headliner in Ireland and had the reputation of being one the hardest working stand up’s in the country. Now Spending most of his time in England, his great joke writing and hark work has made him a regular in all the best English comedy clubs. His fringe shows are always packed and get rave reviews I’m sure this year will be no different.


Jason Byrne: Is Propped Up.
Assembly Hall. 9.00pm. August 4-28 (some days off in between)

Ticket price: 18 pounds.

I didn’t think Jason Byrne was funny. We have a habit in Ireland of giving funny people terrible TV shows and that all I knew Jason from. When I finally saw him live, I total got it. His crazy madcap style doesn’t really translate to TV let alone hosting a chat show.  Irish TV people thought that Jason would be great to host a chat show. You know be a host, that thing where your quite and you let the other person talk. They felt that was the best use of Jason talent. Now you know why Irish TV is in the crapper.


Alison Spittle: Discovers Hawaii.
Gilded Balloon @ The Counting Horse.  1.45 pm. August 3-29.
Ticket Price: Free (Pay what you want at the end.)

Alison is a beloved figure on the Irish comedy scene. She has played all the major comedy festivals here and just finished making a short comedy sketch for The Sky Arts channel to be shown this summer. Alison easy-going style makes it feels like that she’s just chatting to you. But God she can put down a heckler if they try it on with her. I assume the Hawaii Five-O theme will be played at some point in this show. Also that all I know about Hawaii.

Since this is a trilogy it will end in the next part. I know don’t cry. You can catch my show in Edinburgh, Irish Championship Comedy, at The White Horse (Venue 296) 6.45 pm, August 4-28. I’m on with a good bunch of people way funnier than me.

Any questions/comments hit me up on twitter @SlumberingJ


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