Edinburgh: What to see. Part 1.


This isn’t a review of these shows as they haven’t even happened yet. It would be ridiculous to review something that I haven’t seen, I mean this isn’t a comment section on a YouTube video.

“The New Ghostbusters film is terrible, I haven’t seen it, but it’s awful and if you watch you fail noob lol.” They usually go something like that if you’re wondering.

These are the shows that I’m going to see. There will be an Irish slant to these shows because I’m Irish and know some of the acts. I am doing this in three parts like The Godfather or I might totally sell out and have more parts than Die Hard and an Ikea chair put together. 

Totally Wired: Trigger Warning!
The Stand Comedy Club 5 @ 5pm, August 4-28.

Ticket price: Nine Pounds.


There a saying in comedy. If you say someone really nice, it’s code for not being funny. But Totally Wired break the tradition by not only being riot-inducing funny but dead nice as well. Totally Wired are a mix of Musical Comedy, Impressions and being made to feel like your hanging out with your two best mates on a great night out.
People always say I’m really nice….they never say anything about me being funny…wait a minute.


Carl Donnelly: Bad Man Things.
Pleasance Courtyard. 8.30pm. August 3-16, 18-28.
Ticket Price: Ten Pounds.

I never heard of Carl Donnelly until my girlfriend dragged me to see his show last year, Jive Ass Honky. It was funny, heartfelt & honest.
Openly talking about his body issues it ended with Carl taking
 his shirt off as a sign of him overcoming his negative feelings about his body. My girlfriend informed me that Carl had nothing to be ashamed of when he did this. I wish she would say this to me when I take my shirt off. She normally just points and laughs.

Donal Vaughan: Stuck in a Rut.
Finnegan’s Wake.  
August 4-28. 6.15pm.
Ticket Price: Free (Pay what you want at the end.)

This is Donal Vaughan. The oLaughing Horse Comedian of the year in 2015.
He has also won
 numerous comedy competitions across Ireland & The U.K in the past few years. He also slept on my couch for most of 2015. That probably won’t come up during his show as he is a one man joke machine and has enough material to keep a third world sweat shop going for months. 

Ed Gamble: Stampede.
Gilded Balloon at the Counting Horse. August 3-29. 3.15pm.
Ticket Price: Free (Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the venue.)

Again I never heard of Ed Gamble until my Girlfriend brought me to his show, Lawman, last year. You may notice my girlfriend goes to a lot of shows with good-looking male comedies. I wonder why?
Ed blew me away last time and I am looking forward to seeing his 2016 show. There may be free Hamsters at this show. I mean there probably won’t be, but you know who doesn’t love free Hamsters.

That’s it for Part 1. I’m keeping it to four or five shows in each part as not to overload you but also I’m trying to get through two seasons of iZombie. I’m a busy man.

You can catch my show in Edinburgh, Irish Championship comedy, at The White Horse (Venue 296) 6.45 pm, August 4-28. I’m on with a good bunch of funny folks.

Any questions guys or comments just get me on Twitter @SlumberingJ




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